Friday, 12 December 2008

Candy Holder PaperCrafts Project. Freebie!

Candy Holder Christmas Decoration

finished candy holder

You will need:
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • One/two sheets of 8" square paper.
  • Long length of wire
  • Beads
  • Sweeties!
  • Make it kid friendly & use ribbon instead of wire & beads!
1. Either use a single sheet of double sided pattern/coloured paper of your choice, or choose 2 complimentary patterned/coloured papers and stick them together using double sided tape around the very edges to use as a single sheet.
Picture #1
Picture #12. Fold your paper in half and then half again, creasing as you go along and snip across the 3 folded corners: see picture #1. Unfold.

Picture #2

Picture #23. Then fold diagonally across from corner to corner, crease and unfold again.
4. Fold back the corners about 1 inch in, making sure each point lines up with the diagonal crease: see picture #2

Picture #3
Picture #35. Fold in half again, with the flaps on the outside & place some double tape to one side of the top little snip that you made in step 2.

Turn over and repeat on the other side. Unfold and fold in the other direction and do the same with the tape either side of the "v" cuts .

Get your length of wire and wrap it around from top to bottom along the crease between the two snips: See picture #4 . Remove backing from the tape and stick together to hold in place.

Picture #4
Picture #47. Pull in the other sides with the "V"shape snips in and carry on wrapping the wire down the crease to create 4 pockets. Twist the wire to secure.

Thread your chosen beads on to the remaining wire leaving a couple of inches free at the end. Form into a loop and wrap the end piece of wire neatly but tightly in between 2 of the beads.

Happy Crafting!Voila! All done, now fill the pockets with your favourite sweeties and hang on your tree!
You can try this using different size papers too, just adjust the fold in step 4 accordingly.

Ribbon can also be used instead of the wire and beads ... the kids would LOVE to join in and make these!

Have fun and happy crafting!

Christmas Cards ...

I just couldn't help myself!

Mitzi the duck was just too cute to pass up on the opportunity of making some Christmas Cards this year ...

And now I have my craft stuff out, it's all looking too tempting to put away again!
Who knows I may even end up making enough for next year

Now that's an idea!

oh ... and a tag to match ...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Another Monday!

Had a fab weekend! Nothing terribly exciting ... the Queen didn't pop in for tea or anything ... ha ha, but was nice and relaxing, and seeing as it's so close to Christmas it was probably a little too relaxing .... Mmmm I should really be in a little more chaos at this time of year with toys and wrapping paper all over the place, and all the surfaces in my office covered with embellishments, ribbon and pretty Christmas Papers! But as most of the family are, "all grown up now" vouchers were the way to go, so not many toys around, and have opted for "shop bought" cards this year
*blush blush*

So it's another Monday and the kids are back at school, and are looking forwards to all the things that are coming up like the Carol Concert, the School Play and of course the Holidays! They both have their Christmas lists written, and are being on their best behaviour to make sure they stay on Santa's good list!
Don't you just LOVE this time of year

Have some new wonderful Christmas Tags from our Doodles Group, I just HAD to show you some of them, the taggers do such a fab job ...

And PcCrafter released a few new packs last week too, which I just couldn't resist and made up one of these along with a couple of others ...

I could go on showing you these all day! If you wanted any, "new ones out" with your name on, then it's best to pop over to Doodles and request one ... or two! There's plenty to choose from including some smaller images (avatar size) to add to your blog to make it look nice and festive

Had better catch up on the Advent Calendar in here on the right hand side and see what's behind the windows that I missed over the weekend ...

I won't spoil the surprise for you and tell you what they are!

Enjoy your week.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Peg Pals

What a lovely surprise to find my little snowman pegs behind window #4

These little fellas are so easy to make, something the whole family can join in with, and make very effective decorations!

Click Here to copy the code and add the calendar to your own blog or website!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas Applique Shapes - Freebie ...

Another cold and frosty morning, not such a hectic start to the day as yesterday was ... I was well prepared for the ice this time!

So ..... who woke up early this morning to look behind
window #3?

A beautiful picture of one of Maggie's wonderful projects and some fab Applique shapes!

Thank you

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Free Crochet Pattern

Ok I want names people ...
who opened my window #2 already? Humph! ...
and none of the she did it either please
... Don't forget I have 2 little ones and am on to that game!

Well I've just had a look and ... Wow! Enfys the
crochet project in window #2 of the Advent Calendar is fab!

Thank you so much for donating it.

It's freezing cold here today! The doors of the car (yes it's working again! Lol's) were frozen shut! So the school run was a little manic today ... managed to get one door open, start the engine and then put the heaters on full blast to let it thaw out a bit ... and yes I did scrape the windscreen with an old credit card!
Will have to make sure we're up and ready in plenty of time tomorrow, I hate rushing around and getting to the school just in the nick of time.

Monday, 1 December 2008

December is here !!!

Wow this year really flew by for me ...

Stayed up last night to add the freebie Advent Calendar to the right hand menu, and of course to see what freebie goodie was behind window #1 !

Add it free to your blog or website too courtesy of Secret Corridor and our craft shop members who have contributed some projects.
Let your visitors enjoy a daily crafting pressie for Christmas

Grab your copy: ... Click Here

Saturday, 29 November 2008

New Release !!!


What a fab surprise! Suzanne has released a new element pack today and I just HAD to go get it! These little Robins are just the cutest heart-4-1.gif

Note:They have also updated their TOU's so it's worth checking that out, apparently it's just a slight change of wording to make it clearer.

And yes blum.gif... of course I made a new Christmas tag with the elements ...


Friday, 28 November 2008

Hello !

My First Entry!

Welcome to my Blog


I have finally got around to having ago at this Blogging lark, with MSN groups closing in Feb '09 our Craft Shop group have decided to move on back to E-bay. With many of the members being sellers over there it seems like a good move to make. The manager SC has been busy setting up some goodies for us all with fun things to add to our blogs (hence I'm starting one, Lol's) so watch out for new things being added soon.1amultistars.gif

With Christmas around the corner I haven't had much time to craft, I think the last thing I made were Invitations for 2 Weddings ... Here's one set before the wording was printed:


Actually that wasn't the last thing I made ... It was a page for Our Craft Shops Book Challenge ...



Tags in Pockets:

This past year I have been getting more in to digital art and have been offering tags that I've made to our Doodles group which moved from MSN to Pro boards at the end of October and is looking and running fabulously may I say so that has been keeping me busy ... and there's not as much mess to clean up afterwards either!

A few of my latest tags:

Well I had better get on with adding members links in here to their blogs so you can see what they have all been up to too ...

Ta ta for now thflowerysmile.gif