Friday, 28 November 2008

Hello !

My First Entry!

Welcome to my Blog


I have finally got around to having ago at this Blogging lark, with MSN groups closing in Feb '09 our Craft Shop group have decided to move on back to E-bay. With many of the members being sellers over there it seems like a good move to make. The manager SC has been busy setting up some goodies for us all with fun things to add to our blogs (hence I'm starting one, Lol's) so watch out for new things being added soon.1amultistars.gif

With Christmas around the corner I haven't had much time to craft, I think the last thing I made were Invitations for 2 Weddings ... Here's one set before the wording was printed:


Actually that wasn't the last thing I made ... It was a page for Our Craft Shops Book Challenge ...



Tags in Pockets:

This past year I have been getting more in to digital art and have been offering tags that I've made to our Doodles group which moved from MSN to Pro boards at the end of October and is looking and running fabulously may I say so that has been keeping me busy ... and there's not as much mess to clean up afterwards either!

A few of my latest tags:

Well I had better get on with adding members links in here to their blogs so you can see what they have all been up to too ...

Ta ta for now thflowerysmile.gif


  1. Yippee!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. You're gonna love it!

  2. Welcome to blogland Debs. I have added you to mine.

  3. Welcome to blogland Debs I am so looking forward to seeing your stuff,Hugs Juliet


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