Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Free Crochet Pattern

Ok I want names people ...
who opened my window #2 already? Humph! ...
and none of the she did it either please
... Don't forget I have 2 little ones and am on to that game!

Well I've just had a look and ... Wow! Enfys the
crochet project in window #2 of the Advent Calendar is fab!

Thank you so much for donating it.

It's freezing cold here today! The doors of the car (yes it's working again! Lol's) were frozen shut! So the school run was a little manic today ... managed to get one door open, start the engine and then put the heaters on full blast to let it thaw out a bit ... and yes I did scrape the windscreen with an old credit card!
Will have to make sure we're up and ready in plenty of time tomorrow, I hate rushing around and getting to the school just in the nick of time.

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