Monday, 8 December 2008

Another Monday!

Had a fab weekend! Nothing terribly exciting ... the Queen didn't pop in for tea or anything ... ha ha, but was nice and relaxing, and seeing as it's so close to Christmas it was probably a little too relaxing .... Mmmm I should really be in a little more chaos at this time of year with toys and wrapping paper all over the place, and all the surfaces in my office covered with embellishments, ribbon and pretty Christmas Papers! But as most of the family are, "all grown up now" vouchers were the way to go, so not many toys around, and have opted for "shop bought" cards this year
*blush blush*

So it's another Monday and the kids are back at school, and are looking forwards to all the things that are coming up like the Carol Concert, the School Play and of course the Holidays! They both have their Christmas lists written, and are being on their best behaviour to make sure they stay on Santa's good list!
Don't you just LOVE this time of year

Have some new wonderful Christmas Tags from our Doodles Group, I just HAD to show you some of them, the taggers do such a fab job ...

And PcCrafter released a few new packs last week too, which I just couldn't resist and made up one of these along with a couple of others ...

I could go on showing you these all day! If you wanted any, "new ones out" with your name on, then it's best to pop over to Doodles and request one ... or two! There's plenty to choose from including some smaller images (avatar size) to add to your blog to make it look nice and festive

Had better catch up on the Advent Calendar in here on the right hand side and see what's behind the windows that I missed over the weekend ...

I won't spoil the surprise for you and tell you what they are!

Enjoy your week.


  1. Your blog is looking....GorJuss. I love these, may have to go and buy myself some, although I wouldn't be able to use them as you have...totally fab.

  2. Thanks Caz, the Gorjuss girls are fab aren't they. I'll post some cards that I've made with her on once I get a new ink cartridge, they are so cutie!

  3. that THE DEBS, the DEBS around the corner from me...or someone else completely different in the land of blog?

    love Dingle.xx

  4. Hi ya Dingle Del!

    I'm in blog land at last! Yes it's me, lol's, your RLF ... he he .. thought I'd give it a go at last!
    Car wouldn't start AGAIN this morning ... it really doesn't like the cold! Will give a wave tomorrow if I see ya ♥

    Ps: Where's the Christmas bash this year? :o)

    Hugs x

  5. Hi ya Juliet :)and thanks for the compliment ♥

    ...the floam tree freebie project was a real winner with mine, love it!


  6. You BOUGHT your cards this year????? Nooooooo! What am I going to do without all that lovely inspiration???


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