Saturday, 9 May 2009

Stay Young! Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen ...

I just love this!


  1. Hi debs cool video x Juliet

  2. I love this video and your great blog! just found it but will check in again. How do you do the fantastic backgrounds?! I now have background envy LOL! :o)

  3. Hello Debs, I noticed that you don't have a blog button (or at least I haven't seen it lol), maybe you should make one so I can post it on my blog-you have such a lovely creations-:)

    Take care, A.

  4. Loved.
    I have a blog and Guardian Angels always put a DebsCraft.

    Renata Brazil

  5. i like ur design... if maybe i want to have a background of my blog can i use one of ur design to be my blog background? thanks in advance


Thanks for stopping by :o)