Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Morning all and Happy Chinese New Year!

2009 is Year of the Ox

I've added 2 new free backgrounds and headers on the other blog, one for animal lovers and one for all year round ... hope you like them.


Enjoy your week!


  1. had a look Gorgeous Debs :D juliet

  2. Thanks sweetie .. glad you like them :)

  3. Hi Debs

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Off to have a browse around!

  4. good morning deb
    thanks for stopping by my blog,glad you liked it..your work is gorgeous and amazing..i wish i could use all your blog hope you didn't mind me using the layout..i was thinking and thanks for your lovly comment xx hugs clare xx

    p.s my blog header normally has my blog name on it "taffy craftys creations" but with the header i got now,i dont know how to put it back..would you beable to help me?
    thanks clare xx

  5. Hi Clare, so glad you like the backgrounds, there are all for sharing, so feel free to use which ever one you like :D

    As for the header, would it be better for me to share ones with no text on do you think? That wouldn't be a prob ... I'll pop over to your blog in a sec and leave you the url to a blank one :) Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

    Hugs Debs x

  6. hi debs

    just to say a massive thanks for my new header..loving it.
    maybe its best if you leave them blank,so peeps can add what they like then..of you could also offer what you did with mine..cause mine would of just been plain pink text..cause i dont know how to do fancy
    would i be able to use the header you sent me with my name on it as a profile pic??
    thanks for your comments and helping me xx hugs clare xx

  7. Hi again Lol's ...Yes I can see that leaving them blank would have advantages, think I'll make blank ones for future sets, Easter ones should be out soon :D
    Could also offer them with peeps wording on, that would be cool! I do already make personalised tags for members of our doodles group, some of which are avatar sized (100x100)which would probably be better for your profile pic ... will see what I can do and will pop back over to your blog ;)

    Thanks for your help too sweetie, Debs x

  8. hi
    just to say a massive thanks..for your comment..if you want instead of leaving them on my comments you can email me
    i got the 2 links you sent had taffy crafty creations on it and the other had denise on it..but my name is
    no worries..ill use the taffy one.its been great helping you out,if you need me to test anything out for know where i'm now..great to chat with you..and thanks for your comments on my awards..ill be giving one to you next time x thats a promise xx bye for now hugs clare x

  9. Will do clare :D I changed the other one to the right name, but too late before you saw Lol's ... if you look at it again it should have the correct name on now ... ooopsie! Glad you like them.
    Nice chatting and thanks for the further offer for help :)

    Hugs Debs X

  10. Hi Debs,
    I have been looking at your free backgrounds and headers and they are absolutely gorjuss lol
    they are stunning!!
    can't believe they are also free i would love one but at the moment i am keeping to a butterfly theme because of my blog name...
    but if any of these gorjuss images suddenly sprout wings i'll be the first in the queue lol......
    congrats on such clever crafty gorjussness!!!!

    Emma xxx

  11. Hi Deb,

    Lovin' your blog backgrounds and banners. Wondering if you do custom work? Tried to email you, but don't see a contact. Could you contact me at

    Denise :)


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